State Expenditure Plan (SEP) Information and Evaluations

Projects approved for Spill Impact Component (Bucket 3) funding are listed below.  Click on the project links to review information provided by each of the project submitters, as well as the technical evaluations conducted by Volkert Engineering, Inc.  These are the projects as submitted in their original format to the Council.  For a complete overview of Alabama's budget and projects visit the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council's website .

SEP (Bucket 3) Projects
#1 Environmental Restoration of Cotton Bayou & Terry Cove
#2 Development of a Regional Strategic Plan for the Coastal Alabama Region
#3 Expansion of the Orange Beach Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center/Gulf Coast Wildlife Recovery and Interpretive Center (Phase I)
#4 Auburn University Gulf Coast Engineering Research Station
#5 Characterization and Delineation of Significant Sand Resource Areas Essential for Beach Restoration
#6 City of Chickasaw Sewer Rehabilitation Project
#7 Alabama Gulf Seafood Marketing
#8 Aloe Bay/Mississippi Sound Water Quality Enhancement Project
#9 Extension of Effluent Force Main from Bayou La Batre WWTF
#10 Bayou La Batre Collection System/Lift Station Upgrades
#11 Lillian Park Beach Habitat and Shoreline Protection
#12 Perch Creek Area Sanitary Sewer Trunk Line CIPP
#13 Longevity, Stability & Water Quality Improvements, Bon Secour DMDA
#14 Replacement of Substandard Facilities at the ADEM Coastal Office & Mobile Field Office
#15 Mobile Area Storm Water Mapping & Resiliency Planning
#16 Three Mile Creek Watershed Restoration
#17 Fairhope Area Community-Based Comprehensive Land Use Plan
#18 Fort Morgan Parkway Trail Extension
#19 Meaher Park Improvements
#20 Mobile County Dirt Road Paving (Sediment Reduction) Program
#21 Alabama Point Seawall Repair
#22 Canal Road Improvements E. of SR-161
#23 Orange Beach North Sewer Force Main Upgrade
#24 Storm Water Management Improvements for Toulmin Springs Branch and Gum Tree Branch
#25 Fairhope Sewer Upgrade Phase I
#26 Little Lagoon Restoration Project
#27 Eastern Shore Sanitary Sewer Overflows Prevention Plan
#28 One Mobile: Reconnecting People, Work and Play through Complete Streets
#29 Planning Grant to Amend State Expenditure Plan
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